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Project Details

• Address: 412 S Nevada, Colorado Springs
• Property Type: Multi-Family & Retail
• Residential: 33 Units
• Lot Size: 28,511 Square Feet
• Year of Construction: 2016

Where Connections Happen

In 2016, along with partner Kathy Loo, Darsey Nicklasson opened Blue Dot Place, the first residential development in downtown Colorado Springs since the 1960s. The property is a mixed-use development with 33 A+ apartments as well as three commercial spaces. Blue Dot Place was a Colorado Urban Land Institute Impact Award nominee & case study.

Downtown Colorado Springs is experiencing an economic and cultural renaissance. In many ways, Blue Dot Place has been the catalyst for this urban resurgence. According to Newmark Research, since 2013, a total of $1.5 billion has been invested or announced for investment in the downtown area. The downtown area is now experiencing 68% year-over-year investment growth, with Blue Dot Place on the front end of this tremendous cycle of growth. 

In 2020, Blue Dot Place sold for $13 million or $393,000 per unit, a record high per-unit price in Colorado Springs, breaking the previous record of $251,000 per unit.