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Project Details

• Address: 418 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs
• Property Type: Multi-Family & Retail
• Residential: 27 Units
• Lot Size: 19,000 Square Feet
• Year of Construction: 2020

An Inspired Urban Haven

Casa Mundi, an inspired urban haven, artfully blends modern architecture with a global, artisan flair. The property touts six thoughtfully designed floor plans and a gear center to store and maintain outdoor equipment. Casa Mundi is the first mixed-used, multi-unit development in Colorado Springs.

Darsey Nicklasson, Casa Mundi developer, believes in creating urban living environments where people live, connect and belong. “I design properties to bring arts and cultural engagement, culinary immersion and outdoor adventure right to resident’s doorsteps,” states Nicklasson. “Beyond an apartment, Casa Mundi is an urban retreat within the city center that cultivates connectedness to people, places and the world around us.”

DHN opened Casa Mundi in 2020, a 27-unit multi-family property with first floor retail. The property sold in 2021 for $12.8 million at $474,000 per unit.